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Visit to Port Alberni – October 15, 2022

A beautiful mid-October day led to several members meeting in Coombs for a lovely drive on Highway #4 to Port Alberni. We met at the Visitor Centre where new member – Bill Collette, with his wife Jennifer joined us with their recently purchased 1965 Rambler Marlin. After a brief stop to cool the engines we followed the old Rambler (try to keep up with a Rambler – who’d have thought….) down to the Industrial Heritage Centre located in Port Alberni’s original hockey arena. The ice and boards are long gone and have been replaced by countless artifacts and vehicles dating back to the late 19th century and all through the 20th. A wonderful tour enjoyed by all. We thank the volunteers at the Western Vancouver Island Industrial Heritage Society who work hard to keep so many trucks and cars operational. Find them at: https://ihsportalberni.ca


Burgers to BEAT MS – August 22/22

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cruize to other car shows and swap meets on Vancouver Island and beyond.

We also have summer BBQ’s and various other family activities.

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Stanford Residents Car Show

Resident of Stanford Care Home with Jack Biickert and Peter LeFeaux
Resident of Stanford Care Home with Jack Biickert and Peter LeFeaux


(Photo Credit – Gerry Swan, Club Member)

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