Ocean Idlers – Who we are

We are a friendly club with men and women members, catering to those interested in all vintage and older cars,  stock and modified.  Individual or family memberships are available to those who enjoy an  active interest in the preservation, restoration, and use of old cars.


PURPOSE of Our Car Club

  • To ensure the enjoyment of the automobile with families and individuals by sharing knowledge among the society’s membership.
  • To communicate with the public, the media and the community regarding the Legislative Process and Law Enforcement and how this impacts the automobile under the collect car program.
  • To learn and teach the appreciation for the beauty, power, mechanics, and technology of the automobile from its inception until today.
  • To share the art and science of reconditioning, constructing, and restoration of automobiles of all vintage as a hobby and sport.
  • To show, display and enjoy restored and/or vintage and unique automobiles.