2019 Car Show Gallery

Blast from the Past #23

Trophy Winners

Peoples' Choice sponsored by Mid Island Co-op

2019 Peoples' Choice Pete Graw (5)

1948 Ford Coupe                                                        Owner Pete Graw


Participants' Choice sponsored by Thrifty Foods

Participants Choice #3 1937 Ford Coupe Blue&Black (2)

1937 Ford Coupe                                                 Owner Brian Whitlock


Favourite Member Club Car sponsored by Guy Garages

2019 Club Member #3 Ted & Sandy Dash.jpg.htm

1950 Chevy 1300 Truck                            Owners  Ted & Sandy Dash


Pre 1940's (Modified) sponsored by Old Country Market

2019 Pre 40's Modified - Fred Rilcoff (2)

1937 Ford Humpback                                            Owner Fred Rilcoff


1940's (Modified) sponsored by Lordco Automobile

2019 Peoples' Choice Pete Graw (6)

1948 Ford Coupe                                                        Owner Pete Gran


Pre 1950's (Stock) sponsored by Leon Aines Auto Body

2019 50's Stock - Dave Watson (2)

1937 Buick Convertible                                        Owner  Dave Watson


1950's (Stock) sponsored by Terminal Auto Body

2019 50's Stock (2) 1957 Ford T Bird                    Owners   Bob & Shannon Baker   1950's (Modified) sponsored by Parksville Chrysler 2019 50's Modified - Alan Brooks (2)

1951 Chevy 3100                                                      Owner  Alan Brooks


1960's (Stock) sponsored by Save on Foods

2019 60's Stock - Sharon Johannessen (2)

1968 Plymouth GTX                              Owner    Sharon Johannessen


1960's (Modified) sponsored by Canadian Tire

2019 60's Modified - Steve Grabone

1964 Pontiac Grand Prix                                    Owner  Steve Grabone


1970's (Stock) sponsored by Brightside Physiotherapy Clinic

70's Stock Jim Fisher 1976 Chevy Corvette                                                    Owner   Jim Fisher  

1970's (Modified) sponsored by Quality Foods

2019 70's Modified - Chris Gagnon (2)

1973 Chevy Nova                                                    Owner   Chris Gagnon


Post 1980's (Stock) sponsored by Harris Chevrolet

2019 80's Stock - Pascal Trudel (2)

2011 Chevy Camaro  2L 585                                   Owner   Pascal Trudel


Post 1980's (Modified) sponsored by Tim Hortons

2019 80's Modified - Glen Schellenberg (2)

2007 Ford Mustang                                         Owner    Glen Schellenberg


Favourite Rat Rod sponsored by OK Tire

2019 Rat Rod - Skip Leftly (2)

1928 Chevy Roadster Truck                                      Owner   Skip Leftly


Favourite Import sponsored by Nanaimo Toyota


1959  MG  MGA                                                            Owner     Len Smith


Favourite Truck (Stock) sponsored by Surfside Automotive

2019 Truck Stock - Frank Morris (2)

1976 Ford F250                                                       Owner    Frank Morris


Favourite Truck (Modified) sponsored by Karma Coffee

2019 Truck Modified - Perry St. Jean

1941 Ford F1                                                              Owner   Perry St. Jean


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Photo Credit Dan Dertien - Vancouver Island Hot Rods http://www.vihr.ca Photo Credit  Cathy Smith & Gerry Swan  - Members of Ocean Idlers Car Club